Governing Cities


governing citiesGoverning Cities in a Global Era. Urban Innovation, Competition and Democratic Reform

This new book, edited by Robin Hambleton and Jill Gross, was published by Palgrave in November 2007 in both the UK and the USA. Bringing together some of the best papers from the City Futures International Conference the book addresses three questions:

• What are the implications of globalization for city planning and urban governance?

• How are cities and metropolitan areas responding to these unprecedented economic, political and social changes?

• What are the implications for those who must lead and manage increasingly complex multi-cultural cities and city regions?

By drawing on experience in six different continents leading authors from across the world throw new light on the interplay between global forces driving homogenization and urban innovation projecting the value of geographical place and local identity. Read more >


globalismGlobalism and Local Democracy. Challenge and Change in Europe and North America

Edited by Robin Hambleton, Hank Savitch and Murray Stewart and published by Palgrave in 2002 (HC) and 2003 (PB) this book sets out an analysis of the globalization process and argues that the political space for local leadership and action is greater than many commentators have assumed. Written by leading scholars from Europe and North America the book addresses three related questions:

• What is the nature of the globalization process?

• What resulting challenges now confront cities and localities?

• How can local leaders respond to this changing environment in ways which strengthen local democracy?

This international volume aims to stimulate fresh thinking about city leadership, urban planning and community development. Read more >