urban answersPolicy development

The urban answers approach to policy analysis embraces problem definition, stakeholder review, evidence gathering, scenario building and policy prescription.

We work closely with our clients to ensure that our approach is tuned to their needs, builds support for change and leads to practical proposals for action.

We have experience of policy analysis in:

• Urban regeneration and place making
• Strategic planning and management
• City regional and regional governance
• Democratic renewal and community involvement
• Neighbourhood management
• The role of the urban university
• Inter agency partnership working
• Civic leadership and public service innovation


While it is true that all cities are unique and that effective policies should respond to the distinctive qualities of particular places, it is also true that policy exchange between localities can be very productive.

We draw on experience in different settings and different countries to illuminate the possibilities for policy innovation in particular places.

One approach we use is cross-national lesson drawing and aspects of this approach are summarised in 'Idea exchange finds favour', Planning, 26 January 2007.


The role of the modern university

Urban answers works with policy makers in higher education to develop innovative approaches to 'engaged scholarship.

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