urban answersInteractive Workshops

Effective problem solving in the modern city requires leaders to create settings within which transformative learning can take place. Urban Answers has extensive experience of leading and facilitating interactive workshops for large and small groups.

This inclusive approach to problem diagnosis, shared learning and collaborative solution building can be a very effective way of building lasting change within an organization or network of organizations.

Urban Answers has experience of running interactive workshops for:

• Ministers and local authority leaders
• Elected mayors and city managers
• Leaders from different sectors (public, private, non-profit)
• Collective city leadership teams (members, officers, CEOs etc)
• Political leaders from different countries
• Chief officers in local government
• Elected councillors
• Elected members and officers
• Neighbourhood service delivery teams


A feature of much of our work is to foster honest analysis of problems and then to move from the language of complaint to the language of learning. In all cases our work strives to develop practical answers to presenting problems.

We work in partnership with other facilitators depending on the needs of the client and we have worked extensively with Andrew Holder Associates – www.ahaconsultancy.co.uk